Stockport Coupon Mailer


Reach 10,000 Households For Just 5p Each

How would you like to get your business along with your enticing offer out to over TEN THOUSAND Stockport residents for just 5p per household?

As more and more businesses turn to online marketing (for very good reason), it's opened up an opportunity to step back from all of the noise and get your business noticed in more traditional ways.


What is the Stockport Coupon Mailer? 

Premium Quality Flyer

Step 1

Double-sided print on thick A4 card with a premium finish, this mailer stands out when it comes through the letterbox - guaranteed a 100% open-rate

Reaching 10,000 Homes

Step 1

Get the community's eyeballs on your business and your special offer to to drive new business. Easily track the success of the mailer campaign through your unique offer.

Featuring 14-16 Businesses

Step 3

This community co-op slashes the costs of doing direct response mail campaigns on your own. If you've done it before, you'll know just how much the cost adds up.

Industry Exclusivity

Step 3

Enjoy complete exclusivity as the only business in your field - you needn't worry about sharing ad space with competitors. This a chance to try and corner the market.


Why Advertise in the
Stockport Coupon Mailer?

Instant Reach

Step 1

Every Stockport household receives mail so you are guaranteed to get at least 10,000 impressions on your offer.

Exclusive Distribution

Step 1

Each mailer is different from the next, but there is never more than one business providing a single service.

Affordable & Low Cost

Step 1

Cost per impression is just 5p and is cheaper than Google and Facebook put together. 

Easy Set Up

Step 4

You just need a logo and an offer. And if you need help with either then we're on hand to offer support.

No Hidden Fees

Step 4

We'll take care of your ad design, the printing and the distribution all for a single fee. That's it!

No Contract

Step 4

A one-time fee gets your business on one mailer. It's that simple. No ongoing contract, no recurring fees.

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Does Direct Mail Still Work?

In the age of digital, you'd be forgiven that thinking traditional direct mail marketing is a relic of a bygone era. But you couldn't be more wrong. 


of people read door drop literature sent to their home

5 Days

is the average number of days a door drop stays in the home


of people are prompted to buy after receiving a door drop


average number of times a person reads the same door drop


number of times a door drop is shared per 100 read

Stats taken from MarketReach

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